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Fantasy and Survivor pools!


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Managing a Pool

Follow the setup wizard to customize your game exactly the way you want then send your friends a specially coded link to join! Our software eliminates the need for complicated spreadsheets and saves you the hassle of having to deal with endless emails and phone calls from your players. Instead, participants log in and enter their own picks and we do the rest! And if you or your players encounter any issues, we're available to answer your emails and phone calls and provide quick solutions! At only $1 to $3 per entry, it's a great value too! Start Your Own Private Pool Now!

Participating in a Game

All you need is an invitation from your pool manager. Set up a free account and you can be making your picks in minutes. If you ever have trouble logging in or simply need help setting up, give us a call or send us an email and we'll help you through it. Already have an invitation? Click here!

Branding Your Game

We can help promote your website or business by providing your pool with your own custom look and feel. By providing us your company logo, header images, and color scheme, we can tailor our website to match yours. It's a great way to keep your message and brand in front of your customers every week! Check out some of these Sample Sites or Contact Us to learn more!

Football Pools

Host your pro, college or combo pro-college football pool with many different options. We have Pickem Pools, Survivor Pools, Fantasy Football, Share Pools, and more! Check out all our football pool formats!

Golf Pools

We offer three fantasy golf pool formats for the PGA Tour: "Salary Cap", "Pick 1" (or "2" or "3"), and Survivor. Include as many of the 36 PGA tournaments (including Majors and the World Golf Championship events) as you want! Start a PGA Golf Pool Today!

Football Pickem Pools

This is your basic office pool format. Simply pick the winner of each game, either against the spread or straight up. If you want to spice things up a bit, try using confidence ranks or key picks. You can choose to pick all the games or only your best 5 (or 10 or whatever). Use custom ranks and/or point spreads that you devise. Select Pro and/or College games—even D1AA games can be included! The options are endless! Start a Pickem Pool

Football Survivor Pools

Also known as Knockout, Suicide, Eliminator, Survival and Loser pools. The basic rules are simple: simply pick one team each week and if the team you picked wins you "survive" to play another week; if not, you're eliminated! The catch: You can't pick the same team twice! For more variety you can allow players to pick the same team twice or any number of times. You can allow your players just 1 loss ("strike") or as many as 5 before they're eliminated. Pick restrictions can be added to prevent players from picking against the same team more than once. Include Double Picks, Bye Weeks, Alias Entries and more. Very easy to set up and manage! Start a Survivor Pool

Football Share Pools

Pick college and/or pro football game winners using Vegas-style odds in our unique Share Pool format. Accumulate points by picking pointspread and over/under winners. Risk as many points as you want on any game. The person with the most points (shares) at the end wins. A great choice for the Playoffs and Bowl Season! Start a Share Pool

Fantasy Football Pools

Fantasy football pool managers love our easy to use interface and custom settings. Points and head to head leagues, custom points, offline drafts, live scoring, waiver wire, trades and more. Live customer service by email or phone. $50 flat fee. Start a Fantasy League

All-In Fantasy Football Pools

Fantasy football with a twist! Unlike traditional fantasy football, All-In Fantasy football lets you select new players each week! Also, each team owner can choose whichever players they choose regardless of whether or not that same player is also on another team so there is no limit to the number of participants! Run a league with 10, 50, or hundreds of "team owners!" As "league commissioner" you can limit the number of times each team owner is allowed to select a player— once, twice, or unlimited! With many of the same custom options available to traditional fantasy football participants, All-In Fantasy Football is a great choice for players who want to experience the excitement of acting as a GM without restrictions! Start an All-In Fantasy League

Square Pools

The 10x10 grid pools that you often see at Super Bowl parties. You can run a square pool easily on this site for any game in any sport (football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, etc). When everyone has entered their picks, the pool manager closes the pool and random numbers are filled in automatically. $10 flat fee. Start a Square Pool

13-Run Baseball Pools

Sometimes referred to as "Baseball Bingo" the rules couldn't be simpler. Up to 30 participants are assigned a different MLB team. The number of runs each team scores in every game are marked off on a grid consisting of the numbers 0 through 13. The player whose team scores all the runs between 0 and 13 first wins the pool! Standings are updated nightly and email updates sent to those requesting them. Online and printable standings pages are also available. There is even a special link available to pool managers who wish to "share" their standings with others who don't have an account or simply don't wish to log in. Start a 13-Run Baseball Pool

Fantasy Golf Pools

Pick up to 10 players each week and get their money winnings as points. Salary cap format where you get an allowance to buy up to 10 golfers, with the prices based on their world rank. (Tiger cost 20 points before he got hurt, Phil costs about 8 points). Whoever's team earns the most points wins. Do 1 tournament, all 4 majors, or as many tournaments as you like (36 per year). Start a Golf Pool. We also offer "Pick 1" and Survivor style pools for golf.

Fantasy Nascar

Pick 1 driver each race and get their cup points for that week. You can only pick a driver once. Most points at the end wins. Start a Nascar Pool

World Cup Pools

Pick-the-Bracket Style pools for the second stage of the FIFA World Cup (starting with the round of 16). You can optionally include Stage 1, the Group Stage, as a preliminary round in your pool. You get a separate picksheet and separate deadline for the Group Stage, and Group Stage picks do not carry over into Stage 2. You get a fresh picksheet loaded with the teams that actually advance to the final 16. Customize the points earned per round and choose from a number tiebreakers. Check back in Spring 2018!